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Who you are

You are a Fire Fighter, Police Officer, Sheriff, Trooper, EMT or other Public Servant, who works tirelessly to keep us safe and secure. You understand the risks involved, yet you face the realities of your work and carry out your duties so that we can sleep peacefully at night and raise our families with a bright outlook to the future. Your service is greater than most people will ever understand.

Who we are

119 Frontline is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization created specifically to provide free specialized treatment for Public Service workers. We do understand the burden of care that comes with carrying so much responsibility for the public welfare, and we are here to help you.

We Are Here to Help
Unfortunately, the all too common byproduct of being thrust into life and death situations and some of the horrific scenes faced on a daily basis causes trauma to our brave men and women. PTSD or post traumatic stress disorder is a common result, as well as alcohol and/or substance abuse, depression, anxiety, an extremely high divorce rate, and sometimes suicide are unfortunately the all too common result of living in such an emotional pressure cooker for too long without specialized treatment.

119 Frontline is that specialized treatment. Our staff of Counselors, Medical Doctors, and Addictionologists are all specialists in dealing with the unique situations Public Service Personnel encounter in the line of duty, and are trained to treat those with emotional injuries as well as their families with confidential help they need to heal the wounds, and keep them healthy and happy on the “Frontline” doing the job they love, serving the public.

Our work is supported by private donations. If you have ever been helped by a pubic servant, such as a Fire Fighter or Police Officer, here is a way to thank them and give them a gift from the heart. Please donate today.


Verbal First Aid

Verbal First Aid

It was a cold peaceful night in October.  Everything appeared to be peaceful but not for the new rookie and his partner.  As their shift was ending they decided to make one more check down the block where earlier they had responded to a domestic call.   Suddenly dispatch put out the call for all available [...]

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